Promotional Products

What is a Promotional Product?

Somewhere in you kitchen drawer or car glove compartment, you probably have a pen, torch or ruler with the name of a local company on it. promotional products can be defined as any product that promotes or advertises a company, product or service. promotional t shirts are some of the most common items, along with pens, magnets, office or school equipment such as staplers, rubbers, rulers, and mugs or coffee cups. Many of these items are given away free at trade shows, conventions and other events; if you go in any bank or building society these days, you are likely to pick up a free pen with the company's logo on it. The earliest promotional products were thought of back in the late 18th century when George Washington became the first American president, and commemorative buttons were produced to mark the occasion. However, it was over 100 years later that the industry really realized the value of promoting in this way.

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The Benefits of Promotional Products

The biggest benefit of using everyday items to promote a product or business is that it is extremely affordable. In fact, it's one of the cheapest methods of advertising and promotion there is; producing and distributing a thousand promotional t shirts costs a lot less than a newspaper advertisement, or a radio or television advert. And most promotional items are used regularly, in some cases daily - a pen with the name of a local company on is often kept next to the phone or kitchen counter and can be used literally dozens of times in a day. Coffee cups, office items, towels and umbrellas are all used regularly and are also potentially seen by hundreds, if not thousands of other people throughout the day. It's all about getting the message across as effectively as possible, to as many people as possible and without stretching the advertising budget.

Promotional T Shirts

T shirts displaying company names or logos have been around since the 1930s, although it was in the 1950s and '60s when the concept really became popular, and today of course, it's commonplace. Most of us probably own at least a couple of t shirts that promote anything from a local restaurant or bar to a plumbing company or rock group. A t shirt is perhaps the ultimate promotional item when it comes to exposure; someone wearing a t shirt can be seen by thousands of potential customers during a typical day. T shirts also appeal to younger and trendier consumers, something that most companies and advertisers are aware of. And advances in production techniques have meant that quality t shirts can be designed, produced and distributed easily and inexpensively. Another advantage of using a t shirt to promote your company or product is the relatively large amount of space you have to work with. It's easy to feature not only a company logo on the space available, but also such important contact information as a website, phone number and email address.