What Makes a Good Landing Page?

People have come to expect the search engines they use and the websites they visit to do most of the work for them. When a prospect clicks on an advertisement for your site, they expect you to point out the next step for them. Imagine placing an ad online about the amazing products offered by your company. If someone clicks on that ad and are redirected to your home page, what are they supposed to do next? What next?

After you figure out what you want them to do, you need to make it easy for them to do it. Landing pages will prompt potential customers to complete that particular action instead of just being taken to your homepage.

You might be spending way more on PPC (Pay Per Click) ads than you should for this simple reason: your landing pages are not well-targeted. Here are some PPC landing pages examples that will work for you and bring in as many conversions as possible.

Core Elements of a Good Landing Page

Good Landing Page Example

Here is how to make a good landing page to improve your PPC performance and lower your cost per conversion.

– Limit Distractions
If the main subject of your PPC ad is men’s shoes, don’t crowd you landing page with information about men’s clothing or women’s shoes. Let your visitors focus on the subject that brought them to the page in the first place.

-Limit Navigation
Your target audience is finally on your page. You want them to stay there until they have looked at all you have to offer, so limit the number of exits to other pages.

-Show Value
If you have a product that you think is valuable, make sure the landing page shows this value.

-Short is Best
Customers are more likely to fill lead forms that are short and precise.

-Enable Sharing
Your best marketers are your audience, and to increase the traffic to your page, give your visitors an option of sharing the link to others.


How to Optimize your Website for Conversion.

-Target your PPC landing page; there is no other way.
-Make your CTA (Call to Action) button noticeable and demanding.
-Customize your page, don’t just use old stock photos.
-Automatic image sliders are not good for conversion rates.

Landing page examples that you can learn from are such as Uber, Paypal, and LinkedIn. Their landing pages are clear, easy to read and digest, and designed to attract the attention of a particular kind of audience. These are the necessary elements of a successful PPC strategy.