How to Improve AdWords Click-through Rate on Your Promotion?

We’ll start with the most fundamental basic level, what we can improve and that is the keyword. Now the keyword has an option for four different match types. That can be exact, modified broad, phrase and broad. With the exact match, you’re most likely to get the highest click through rate, modified broad and phrase the next high-lower click-through rate and broad are going to get a lower click through rate.

Google adwords advertising

The reason you get lower click to rate with broad is that Google broadly matches you the different keywords search queries. In this case, you want to run the search query report and put in the negative keywords. If our keyword is “organic dog food”, in broad match, you might get a match. Let say you sell “organic dog food”, and you might get matched to “recipes for organic dog food”. You would find that in the search query report. And what you need to do, is to put negative keyword “recipe”, “recipes”, “how to make”, etc.. Brainstorm some ideas and add all those negative keywords and that will help your click through rate using broad keywords and may help with the modify-broad option. The exact match doesn’t help because it exactly matches the keyword. Here you can see the example of what is a good CTR on Adwords using “broad” keywords.

Relevancy is correlated with high click through rates on Adwords

click through rateThe second part or high click through rates is relevancy within an ad group. You want your keyword with an ad group to be very relevant and close together. When you write an ad for the ad group, it’s relevant. So some examples are “buy organic dog food”, “organic dog food”, “online organic dog food”, etc..

All these dependent on intent and the more closely your intent or higher the intent is, towards what you offer. If you’re selling organic dog food, then “buy organic dog food” has the best intent and is the best query. With “organic dog food online” people probably still want to buy. “Organic dog food” can be a little broader so as your intent gets a little broader your click-through rate will go get a little lower as well.

All the high intent keywords should be targeted towards what you’re offering and very relevant to an ad group. With this relevant ad group, you’re going to go ahead and write ad copy, and that’s relevant to those keywords. Make sure the keyword is in the headline because this catches their attention. Next thing you want your ad has its clarity. Make sure it’s very clear what you offer. It has to be clear what you do you sell and then make it attractive.

Comparing to competitors ads

You might want to search for “organic dog food” or whatever your keyword is on Google. Then look at your competition and compare your ads with theirs. You should have a more attractive add something different. The keyword in the headline might be the same because that’s standard, but your offer, your line two and three and display URL should be more unique.

The last part of that is the ad extensions. That can you set up on the campaign level.The keywords optimised to the ad group, and the ad group aggregates up to the campaign level. As you get to the campaign level, there are the two factors that affect it.

One is a search network. The search network is when you go in and people are searching for relevant keywords, your click through rate is going to be higher.

Display network is the second one. Google is showing your ads through the display network on different blogs and relevant sites, so it’s causing a lot of impressions. Your click-through rate is going to be lower. So you want to focus on the intention to improve your click through rate.

These are the basic guidelines on how to improve your CTR on Adwords.